to determine wind speed , indicating calm and reaching 1 km / h, you should note that the leaves of the trees remain motionless, as smoke rises vertically.On the sea calm and smooth surface corresponds to a complete lack of emotion.
Determine whether there is a deviation from the vertical direction of smoke and remain there motionless leaves of the trees.At the same time the sea there is a light ripple and wave height ranges from 10 cm. If so, then the speed of the wind is from 2 to 5 km / h corresponds to 1 on the Beaufort scale.This is called a soft breeze.
When the wind rustles the leaves of the trees slightly, slightly turning weathervane and felt face, this means that its speed reaches 6 to 11 km / h.On the sea breeze corresponds to the appearance of short waves
and glassy ridges.
To determine the light wind of 3 Beaufort, look sway thin branches and if you fall off smoke coming from the top of the pipe.On the sea in such light winds there is excitement foamy crests and small white sheep. Speed ​​ weak wind between 12 and 19 km / h.
If the wind is moderate, you will notice that the dust rising from the ground, smoke dissolves in the air and medium size branches actively fluctuate.The waves of the sea reach 1.5 meters in height.Moderate wind speed corresponds to 20 to 28 km / h.
To determine the rate of 5 on the Beaufort scale, check that the wind felt his hands and whistling in the ears, thin trunks of trees swaying.Sea hectic, with lots of white sheep, and the height of waves reaches 2 meters.This is called a fresh breeze, and its speed can reach 38 km / h.
When the wind is strong, you will see that the thin trunks of the trees bend and hear the hum of the telegraph wires.At sea, the waves appear, rising to 3 meters, water spray and high ridges.Strong winds corresponds to the speed of 39 to 49 km / h.
large branches bend to the ground, and to go against the wind gets hard - this means that its speed reaches 50 to 61 km / h.On the sea there is great excitement, foam darts crests of waves and the wind spreads.Such wind corresponds to 8 on the Beaufort scale and is called strong.
With very strong wind, tree branches begin to break down, and it becomes impossible to say.The waves of the sea up to 7 meters in height, with the edges of ridges flies spray.This corresponds to a wind speed of 62 to 74 km / h.
To determine the rate equal to 9 on the Beaufort scale, check that the wind bends the big trees, breaking branches and large tear shingles from roofs.The crests of the waves reach 8 meters in height, overturned and fly in the spray.This is called a wind storm, and its speed can reach 88 km / h.
Strong storm on land is very rare.It destroys the building, pulling out trees by the roots. Speed ​​ in strong wind storm ranges from 89 to 102 km / h.The surface of the sea is white with foam, and the wave height reaches 10 meters.
When violent storms occur serious damage over large areas. wind speed a maximum 117 km / h.Small ships can not be seen because of the waves, the height of which can reach 11 meters.
Wind reserves the devastating destruction, called a hurricane.The air is filled with sea foam and spray, visibility difficult.Waves higher than 11 meters in height. hurricane speed is more than 117 km / h.