Refugees existed since then, when the military conflict.Gradually, with the increasing complexity of bureaucratic procedures and the tightening of border controls there is a need to create a special status for people who seek refuge from persecution in another country.Even before World War II, some states in the world to issue special visas to Jews in Nazi Germany which threatened to send to concentration camps.However, a single system and the international obligations on refugees does not exist.Only in the fifties, the United Nations adopted the Convention on Refugees, under which a person who has left their country because of persecu
tion or danger of life and recognized refugees can not be returned to the country from which he fled.
The current situation shows that refugee status is becoming more vague category.Refugees are not only political but also economic and even climatic reasons.At the same time developed countries are increasingly faced with the situation of irregular migration, disguised Refugee status - more and more people from developed countries, having no opportunity to come to the desired country by other means, get there illegally or on a tourist visa and filed a request for refugee status, even if theyand not in real danger at home.
fight against such migration is performed in different ways.Several countries have stricter criteria imposed on the refugees - they need to provide more evidence that their life is really in danger.

Other states, such as France, are trying to speed up the examination of documents of a refugee.The fact that the provision of fleeing persecution often falls on the shoulders of the country that receives them.Therefore, a quick review of securities may help the state save money, but will also contribute to a more rapid integration of real refugees.

The third way - is the use of buffer countries.For example, in 2013 Australia signed an agreement with a neighboring Papua New Guinea that all refugees arriving in Australia will go there and ask for asylum directly in Papua New Guinea.
Along with the problem of false refugee problem exists and the growth of the people who really are at risk in their home countries.Therefore, to solve the problem of refugees The UN has peacekeeping activities, trying to normalize the situation in countries where armed conflicts are conducted.However, it can be concluded that the real reduction in the number of refugees can only be expected to increase the standard of living in the poorest countries, and with the departure of the past totalitarian and authoritarian regimes.