Usually people are turning away from the homeless and try to quickly pass.In general, they can be considered a danger to society, they are the disseminators of severe infections and lice.Where Used homeless can be found itch mites.The implication is that they need to fight.But every man has the right to choose.In the Soviet Union to deal with them were not afraid, even in the Criminal Code for their article has been provided for vagrancy, begging and parasitism.

As the Soviet Union became homeless

vagrancy history is as old as the world.Jesus Christ was also homeless, if you talk in terms of availability of housing.And in a rich, well-fed Europe, many poor beggars today, the United States is no exception, where they were about 3.5 million.It is one thing when a wandering people go at the call of the soul
, they like to wander and live freely, not be anyone anything obligated, and quite another when a person does not prescribe where he lived before prison, or when he fraudulently took away the apartment.

But such situations are not uncommon when a person is deprived of housing.In the Soviet Union to become homeless was easy, it was enough to get the verdict of the real term of imprisonment.After his release from prison the man was nowhere to go in the apartment where he lived before, he could not prescribe.In such a case, he had three choices: to go to the new offense and again go to prison, where there shkonka (in the jargon - bed), and where three times a day to feed.

second output - to become homeless, and the third - to find a job where the hostel.Fortunately, with such a shelter from the Soviet Union was not a problem, the hostel was almost every enterprise.In the future, such a person can get an apartment if decent work and more in conflict with the law did not enter.

What makes the state that the homeless had no

In the USSR, the advanced country in the world, this phenomenon could not be a priori, as broadcast from the stands tall figures.But they were, and those who did not want to work, just received.From cities megacities simply evicted, even just tried in Moscow and Leningrad did not register.They were forbidden to appear in major cities, so as not to embarrass the Soviet reality.

If a homeless person could not find a job and do not arrange somewhere to live, he was attracted to criminal liability under the Criminal Code of the USSR for parasitism, as every citizen had to work, and the unemployment rate in those years, the country did not exist.By the way, people like Joseph Brodsky, the Nobel laureate, the USSR also ranked as pests, parasites, since they officially do not work and lived off the royalties.

When was the Soviet Union, everyone who wanted to work, provides jobs and housing, if he needed it.Those who did not want to work, provide forced labor in the logging sector in difficult environmental conditions.But homeless people are all the same.And today, given the current legislation and corruption component, any citizen of the country can share their fate with vagrants.