understanding of politics as the art involves the direct participation in public affairs, determines the forms and tasks of the state.To really have the high status of art, politics must be based on advanced scientific achievements and meet the highest moral and ethical standards.

need for political management of society is determined by its very nature.In itself it asymmetrically and presented different classes, groups and interests.This gives rise to the inevitable collision.Therefore, to prevent a war of all against all, you need a special organization with the power and real power.It rests on the political activities of all the burden of responsibility for what is happening in the state.

effective political control is largely determined by several points.In particular, the ability to set the tactical and strategic objectives and dete
rmine the most effective methods, means and forms of their implementation.Also of considerable importance it belongs to the ability to form a professional team that is able to achieve their goals.The highest art of political management is a rational assessment of the limits of power and capabilities that can be applied in different circumstances.

functions and social role of politics

Given its determining position in the social structure policy performs a variety of important functions:

- an expression of the interests of different social groups;
- regulation and direction of track processes that occur in society, achieving social development;
- smoothing conflicts and contradictions that arise in society;
- integration of society, maintaining stability and order;
- to ensure effective communication between the authorities and society;
- political socialization of citizens, which is to promote active inclusion in the political process.

Goals and means in politics

policy can be directed to different social spheres and problematic sector.On this basis allocate its economic, social, environmental focus and so forth. The policy objectives are divided into current and long-term, priority and secondary, tactical and strategic.

achieve their goals and objectives in the policy can be a variety of means - persuasion, negotiation, dialogue, blackmail, revolution, murder and so on. Arsenal available policy tools is huge.Machiavelli believed that goals justify the means in politics.The debate about the relationship between politics and morality do not stop until now.