Mother Marie Antoinette, Maria Theresa, was very strong and wise woman.She managed to take care of his people and for their children, ensuring that each daughter a great marriage.Of course, the plum went to Marie Antoinette: it was prepared for a wife to Louis, inherit the French throne.Knowing that her daughter will become a queen, Maria Theresa tried to instill in her the skills of government.Girls learn not only science but also art fascinate people pursue their diplomatic methods.

future lady of France has been a general favorite, and in no way knew failure.It ruined her character: accustomed to entertain and to require performance of any whim of others, Marie Antoinette was not ready for the wise management of the state.She was married at age 15, but Louis was then the only heir, but not the king.Weddi
ng, unfortunately, led to a terrible tragedy.In honor of the momentous event in Paris organized a feast for everyone.This feast has caused such enthusiasm that in a stampede killed many citizens.Of course, the newlyweds are not charged, however unpleasant rumors about the young Marie Antoinette and misfortune, which she brought to his people, yet went.

She became queen only 4 years after the marriage.By this time, she has managed to completely transform the life of French aristocrats.There profligacy prevailed, oddly combines hunger and poverty: while the great ladies ordered a hundred luxury dresses in a month, ordinary citizens did not know what to feed the children.Each advisor, allows himself to indicate the royal couple on the discrepancy immediately chased away.To cover their costs, King constantly raised taxes, which caused increasing irritation.

And finally, the time has come when people's patience snapped.Organized the riots began.The royal family was imprisoned in jail, and when the king and his wife tried to escape, it was decided to execute them.First, cut off the head of Louis, and after a while the death sentence carried and Marie Antoinette, but accuse her of something other than the excessive waste and failed.Queen ascended the scaffold itself, and to the end she managed to maintain an unshakable calm.