First and foremost, you need like-minded people.You must closely follow the mood of the people in your country and to have time to seize the moment when there will be a lot of unhappy operating system. start a revolution at the time, as a society is thriving, and only you something hurt the current government - is futile.
Find a charismatic leader who can lead the people.To adequately assess your capabilities.If you do not have the necessary qualities for that, how would you not want to become the leader of the revolution personally still prefer your friend who sticks to the same views as you, and at the same time is a strong personal
ity, able to inspire confidence.So your chances of success increase.You can become a "gray eminence" and the right hand of the leader.
Think slogans and promises that you can tell people.For example, if in your country the elderly receive small pensions, promise that will achieve benefits for retirees.To oppress some groups?Say that you are going to achieve equal rights for all.Believes that the state is falling apart because of an outdated economic model, and you have a way out of this situation?Tell people about it!Of course, the promise should be really what you plan to do.
Now you need to gather allies and stick together.This can be done in various ways.Print flyers with your goals and appeal to you to join.LAYOUT them at bus stops, scattered on mailboxes, give the people on the streets.Now many people have accounts on social networks.Make it a group and invite people to join it.They are your potential allies will be able to learn about your plans and ask you their questions.If you want a coup so that the current government has nothing to guess in advance, strike surreptitiously - invite in your ranks only the people you know personally and whom you trust.
Now that you have your own army, you have only to come up with a plan of action.Will you organized on the Government House, or to arrange a demonstration with the extension of your requirements - it depends on the current state of your system.The main thing - developing a plan, do not forget about the safety of the people entrusted to you.