Decide candidate.Look at the life story of each candidate, study their plans and promises.Based on these data, make your selection.If you can not decide, you talk to their friends and relatives, perhaps they will be able to help you choose.
Voting in elections - the choice of the candidate
central venue of the elections.Everyone is "tied" to his polling station to vote in another only when applying (see. Step 3).

To find the address of the polling station, go to the official website of the CEC (link below), click on "Find your polling station" and choose their place of residence.After that, the site displays the address of your polling station, voting date and contact information.
How to vote in the election - polling station search
Change your polling station (for
those who want to vote no on the place of residence).To do this, you must come with your passport to the nearest polling station and report that you are registered in another place and can not get an absentee ballot.

After that you will be given a standard application form, which you will enter by completing the list of voters in the new precinct by removing from the old.

Note that while the Commission may be inconvenient, so it is better to do in advance.
How to change your polling station to vote in the elections
On that day also will appear with your passport to your polling station.Following the signs, go to the election commission, sign it and take the ballot.
Getting the ballot papers in elections
Go to the voting booth.Note that the candidate for whom you want to vote.To put some markers can not be otherwise ballot will be void.

If the cabin there is no handle or she does not write, ask her at the nearby observers, it's their job.
How to vote in the mayoral election
Put the ballot in a special hole in the urn.Done!You have successfully voted for their candidate.
How to vote in the elections