First you need to contact the regional office of the organization you are interested in.It serves to get acquainted with the charter of the structure to which you are going to join.Please read this document in order to understand whether there is declared the official target in which the organization is lobbying the media.Check out the rights and duties of its members.
If you decide to join this political organization, write an application for membership and give it to the representative of the structure.Your application will be considered at the next general or regional meeting of the organization or its subordinate bodies (local office).
In a statement, you have to provide your name, surname, date of birth, address of residence and actual residence (if
different), citizenship.In addition, you need to confirm the fact that is recognized by all provisions of the statute and program of the organization, and that you are ready to participate in all activities of the political structure and all of its subsidiaries.
maximum term of consideration of applications from individuals who wish to join this or that political organization, is two months.In case you have not filed a document in the local branch of the union, and in its central office, the maximum time for consideration of your application can be increased to three months.
If you apply for admission into a political organization, but there is no hurry to consider it, or in the course of acquaintance allow any kind of error, you have the right to complain to a higher authority.But if the application is approved and you become a member of the political union, immediately after its signing you begin to bear the political responsibility for their actions regardless of whether you have given the party ticket in the hand or not.