Rospotrebnadzor now act as a pre-existing service: State Trade Inspection, gossanepidemnadzora.The authority applies to the sphere of trade, public nutrition, hygiene and sanitation.The service should perform control over observance of sanitary legislation, compliance with legal acts concerning protection of the rights of consumers to control the sale of goods and the provision of various services.
Rospotrebnadzor conduct inspections of business entities.These visits are planned or service is absolutely sudden.The raid may involve other government agencies: a legally, Gossvetnadzor, State Standard.The purpose of inspections is - identifying violations of economic activity, in violation of the quality of the goods and services.
Scheduled inspections are carried out every three years, and f
or health care organizations - every two years.Rospotrebnadzor advance generates a list of organizations that will be tested in the coming year, and places it on the official website of the regional prosecutor's office.If the test is scheduled, it will notify the organization of the upcoming visit of three working days.Head of the company or the official concerned receives a copy of an order or instruction of the check.It takes all measures to identify violations of no more than 20 days.Only in exceptional cases, inventory is extended for the same period.
As for unscheduled inspections, the organization learns about them in 24 hours.The sudden visit of the Auditor can be triggered by: violation of the law, failure to comply with previously prescribed norms and acts of complaints from the public, whose rights have been violated, causing harm to the health of a citizen or group of citizens, of man-made emergencies or natural character.
Rospotrebnadzor representatives during his visit should provide an order to check, their identity.The order is considered to be the main document, which entitles you to check.It should ensure its authenticity and fullness.It should include information: On checking service (name, legal address);the names of the auditors themselves and experts;name of the legal entity or the name of an individual entrepreneur, which is checked;purpose, duration, the legal basis of the event;The list of documents the organization needed to achieve the goals and objectives of the test.