change of power

events that led to the first Chechen war, can be divided into two stages: 1990-1991and 1992 - before the start of combat operations December 11, 1994.Background tragic events still lie in the promises MSGorbachev provide all republics autonomy.Later BNYeltsin "handed" sovereignty, repeatedly offering: "Take as much independence as you can carry."Of course, Gorbachev and Yeltsin could not assume that will result in the desire for independence - they were looking for support from the national authorities.

In 1990, the Supreme Soviet of the Chechen Republic, headed by Doku Zavgaev adopted the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Chechen-Ingush Republic.At the same time in the political arena appears Dzhokhar Dudayev, a military commander.In Chechnya, there is a market
that supplied weapons Russian crime.Weapons left by the Soviet Army after the collapse of the Soviet Union.Some historians still believe that for Dudayev were serious people from Moscow.Therein lies its popularity increased dramatically.

In 1991, Dudayev deposed Supreme Council headed by Zavgevym, and then won the presidential election.Having the freedom Chechen criminals.Dudayev held very nationalistic policy, in connection with the related outcome of the Russian population of the Chechen Republic.

Kremlin was concerned about these events and began to look for a man who could be replaced Dudayev.The choice fell on Umar Avturkhanova - a former collective farm chairman.Yeltsin planned to spend the overthrow Dudayev opposition forces, and authorized the deployment of troops in Chechnya.

beginning of the war

October 15, 1994 began the first assault on Grozny opposition forces.When the palace Dudayev was only a few hundred meters from Moscow were ordered to retreat.

Next try the assault took place on 26 October of the same year, but was suppressed by the Dudayev.Defense Minister P. Grachev introduced the proposal for blocking the Chechen troops, followed by the capture of Grozny.This, according to the Russian government, would lead either to overthrow Dudayev, or to its significant concessions to Moscow.

However, things turned out a tragedy that shook the echoes of Russian society for many years.By the way, in the Russian government, many were against fighting.But the army took two weeks to prepare, and the start of the operation was scheduled for five in the morning December 11, 1994.It was planned that by eight o'clock the capital of Chechnya already fall.But things did not go according to plan.

Start of operation was moved to nine in the morning, because the army was not ready by the deadline.Time has been lost, because the Russian tankers were in the hands of Chechen rebels.By nightfall, December 11, 1994 the First Chechen War.In the first days of war perished civilians in Grozny, taken by surprise.Among Russian soldiers losses were also huge.
Some political analysts believe that such haste in which the war started, Yeltsin was caused by a desire to solve the Chechen problem until the new year.This was to rapidly increase its rating of the supply.

By August 1996, the first Chechen war ended.And after a wave of terrorist attacks in Moscow and Russia's largest cities.