The concept of conservatism is literally translated as "preservation" and "permanent state."The ideology of conservatism arose in response to the French Revolution.It stands for a commitment to traditional values ​​in all spheres of public life.The Conservatives do not accept radical reform, and in favor of a strong state.It alone, according to the Conservatives, can provide social and political order.A radical change could be disastrous for the country.
in foreign policy conservatives defended the independence of strict policies and allow the use of military force to protect its interests.They oppose the globalization of markets and prefer to protect the domestic market from imports.Modern conservatism has become more flexible and better adapted to the environment.Examples of these are modes of Ronald Rea
gan in the United States, Margaret Thatcher in the UK.
Liberalism emerged as the antithesis of conservatism.If the last key value became traditionalism, then liberalism - freedom.Initially, liberalism advocated a change in the existing order in times of absolute monarchy.Thanks to modern liberals society must securing basic freedoms, the rule of law, the advent of elections and separation of powers.Classical liberals advocate for limited government intervention in the economy, the functions of which should be limited only to the creation of a favorable environment for the distribution of social benefits.Individual and economic freedom for them - higher values.
Conservatives and the Liberals have a different perspective on the political, economic, social and cultural unit.Thus, in the policy of the Conservatives do not accept the radical political transformations and reforms.Liberals, by contrast, favor the expansion of rights and freedoms, as well as social guarantees.Conservatives oppose economic cooperation with other countries, while the Liberals for a free open market without borders.According to conservative cultural life also requires changes, they are for traditional family life, social behavior and hierarchy.Liberals also welcome the freedom of expression and open relationship.
intermediate position between liberalism and conservatism takes a liberal conservatism.It is distinguished by a more liberal attitude to the economy, in particular, it is based on the principles of non-intervention in the economy.It also advocates for less interference in the social life of the state and defends the principles of environmental protection.It is a moderate right-wing ideology.