term lobbying comes from the English word lobby, which translated means lobby.A lobby, as we know, this utility room in the parliament building, intended for rest of civil servants.Thus, the term advocacy (lobbying) means negotiations and agreements, hidden from journalists and the public.The exact date of the appearance of lobbying as a phenomenon difficult to call, but it is known that the ancient roots lobbying and it existed even in the Soviet era.In all cases, lobbyists representing the interests of private corporations or individuals interested in the promotion of a particular bill.In countries with developed social institutions lobbyists have resorted to a very cunning and sophisticated t
ricks in the list which includes the manipulation of public opinion through the media, red herrings in the form of high-profile events unencumbered highest sense, as well as direct involvement of corrupt officials in the elections and drafting of relevant legislation in effect. Lobbying directly associated with corruption.And if in the countries with an active society lobbyists need to learn tricks in the countries with an amorphous society simply to give a bribe.

Lobbying and lobbyists in Russia

Lobbying in Russia has two spectrum: hidden and open.Public lobbying through various associations such as Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the federal and regional levels, unions and associations of producers providers.Many people know the last bill restricting the freedom of purchasing through foreign online stores.The bill was initiated by the Association of Internet commerce companies to protect their interests from foreign online stores, offering customers from the acquisition of Russian high-quality goods at a very low price.Thus, an example of such a law shows a prime example of lobbying in Russia, because the rights of consumers were brutally violated due to the sharp rise in price of goods.An example of lobbying is also very clear looks at the background of alcohol policy. Lobbyists always find illogical arguments to justify their actions.For example, citizens claim that restricting the sale of alcohol is a violation of the rights of alcoholics. For beer in Russia is not officially alcoholic beverages despite the fact that the drink contains alcohol.In addition, the alcohol in Russia can be sold to persons under 18 years, that is practically children, that too is an example of lobbying the interests of brewers.Hidden same lobbying can be found only in the absurd bill that violates the rights of ordinary citizens.

absurdity lobbying

the absurdity of the arguments of lobbyists can be seen in alcohol.People from school are taught that the excise tax on the sale of alcohol and tobacco brought significant income to the state treasury.But in practice this is not true.When calculating the income of the state budget accounted for only profit from the excise tax, but no one takes into account the trillions of rubles that the country spends on the treatment of diseases caused by alcohol.In addition, the government is spending billions of rubles for the treatment of injuries sustained in a drunken brawl, or during the accident, arranged drunk drivers.It is also significantly reduced economic growth in view of the fact that drinking teetotaler sillier worker gets injured workers and produces low-quality products.