Family Life Marriage

Vladimir and Lyudmila has long been considered lucky.The couple raised two daughters - Maria and Katerina, who currently finished St. Petersburg State University, working in Moscow.

Lyudmila Putin engaged in the popularization of the Russian language, she was awarded a number of government awards.Together the couple visited ski resorts, swimming and badminton.


June 6, 2013, Vladimir and Lyudmila Putin during intermission dance performances "Esmeralda" announced the public about the impending divorce.The couple said the decision was "fully cooperative and win."

news of the president's divorce from his wife was greeted in a society in two ways.It was as "strongly support" and condemning the citizens of the state.The position of the president surprised n
obody - he always said that personal life and politics "has always been, is and will be divided."

«Factor Kabaeva»

rumored that Vladimir Putin was at the time of the divorce in a relationship with the famous gymnast, multiple Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva.The Western press has reported multiple joint flight Kabaeva and Putin's tourist resorts.In the Russian media in 2008 out of various materials "of the degree" from a joint holiday Alina Maratovna and Vladimir before their wedding.

difficult to assess the realism of "factor Kabaeva" - Putin protects your privacy.Few facts are known about the personal life of the president's daughters, who studied in high school under false names.What is clear is that the president and the gymnast often appear together (with the presentation of awards at sporting events), while many see their "mutual fluids."

Other versions

There are a number of unapproved versions of the divorce of the Russian president.At first, family breakdown Putin's policies caused the disease.Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, Putin has denied this version.He said that Vladimir Putin's "back ached, but he recovered."Against this version also says healthy appearance of the president and his athletic prowess.

Some believe that Putin is soon going to retire from power, and he wants to share their undeclared assets (according to unofficial sources, Putin is the richest man in the world with a fortune of $ 130 billion).

Finally, some believe that divorce is important for the political reforms a president who wants to spend a number of aggressive reforms.Influence of Lyudmila Putina, allegedly etoby too hurt (or could interfere).