Party as a political organization

political party - is an association of people who express their opinion (opinion of definition, but significant as a percentage of the number of citizens) on various subjects and have a certain importance in the formation of consciousness, will and protectionthe interests of supporters.

status of political parties is assigned to the unions which the total number of not less than 10 thousand people and regional offices in more than half of the subjects of the Russian Federation.The party goes to compulsory state registration in accordance with the current legislation.

political party has its own charter, name, symbols, order of entry for future party members and other documentary evidence
of its uniqueness and organization structure.It is necessary to highlight the dominant political party, and it is:
- United Russia,
- Fair Russia,
- The Communist Party of Russia,
- the Liberal Democratic Party.

4 games with one head

These four parties have great numbers and participate in all elections.Also they reported another 73 parties that are less popular among the people, but also participate in various public events and programs.

Each party defends its ideology that is the basis for a political platform and is designed to defend certain rights and freedoms of citizens or to change them (rights and freedoms).

example, communist or social-democratic party that defends the interests of the working class, that is, ordinary working people.And the main ideas in these political parties in favor of equality of freedom, justice and achieving adoption of security guarantees and human rights, and the protection of the working population against social oppression and exploitation.

important to note that after the official elections to the State Duma in 2003, such a party is United Russia, the country has developed a system of parties led by the dominant.That is actually the country's one party, which is the primary, and all other political organizations play only a supporting role.

Thus, at the moment in Russia there are 76 different parties led by the United Russia party, which holds the predominating function and which is the ideologist of such flows as conservatism, pragmatism, liberalism and centrism.