Everyone involved in various forms of social life.He at the same time be a member of the family, sports team, business or religious organization.Watching a TV program, it becomes part of its audience, and reading some magazine - part of the reading public of the magazine.The man lives in some locality, and thus belongs to a given territorial community.He is a citizen of a particular state and a representative of a particular nation.This is not a complete listing of forms of social life, which may be a party to each of us.

social community - a necessary way of being human.That they are all the conditions and means of promoting development of personality and meet her needs and interests
.Their activity affects the stability of society and its functioning.Laws of formation and existence of such associations is studying sociology.

social community has the following features:

- the proximity of living conditions of people;
- community needs;
- awareness of the similarity of interests;
- the presence of interaction and joint activities;
- the formation of their own culture;
- social identification of members of the community;
- creating a system of self-management or community.

Among social communities an important place is given to territorial, such as a city, village, region, etc.They are one of the main components of the social structure.It is a set of people who live in the same territory.They are characterized by sustainable economic, social, spiritual and environmental communication and relationships.

There generality artificially isolated, and there is a real social group, recorded in the public social structure.For example, status groups (elites, the unemployed), functional (teachers, miners, doctors, military), national-ethnic (tribe, nation, ethnic group), and others.There are also non-fixed community - the crowd, emerging collective movement, marginalized.