the flag the official flag of the European Union - is a rectangular cloth of blue color with an aspect ratio of 2: 3.On a blue background depicts 12 gold five-pointed stars arranged in a circle.There are several rules that must be drawn flag of United Europe.The stars are arranged in a circle in the same way as the figures are placed on the watch dial.None of Star ends pointing down.The tops of the stars are not directed radially from the center and the top.

symbols in the history of the flag

Blue flag symbolizes a clean cloth western sky.The circle of stars is located, is the unity of the peoples of Europe.Stars has nothing to do with the number of countries participating in the European Union.According to an official statement of the European Commission among the 12 chosen by analogy with the starry sky.As the 12 signs of the
zodiac represent the whole universe, and the 12 stars represent the whole of Europe. In varietate Concordia - is the motto of the European Union, which means "unity in diversity".

number 12 is very important for European religion and culture.Suffice it to recall the 12 months of the year, 12 signs on the dial, 12 labors of Hercules, 12 apostles, 12 tables of Roman law.There is a version that the authors were inspired by the way the Flag "Woman clothed with the sun" - the symbolic character of Revelations.She is depicted with the crown of 12 stars on her head, broadly interpreted as the entire Christian church.

Prototypes and existing variants of the new EU flag

European Union as an international organization is legally enshrined only in 1993.Prior to that, separately functioning European Coal and Steel Community, European Atomic Energy Community, the European Free Trade Association and several other organizations, uniting Europe.Separately, there was the Council of Europe, created in 1947 to protect human rights.This is the oldest international organization still exists, but is not included in the European Union.The blue flag with gold stars was approved at a meeting of the Council of Europe in 1955.Later, the Council of Europe called on all European institutions to adopt this flag as the core.Since 1986, the blue flag with gold stars by all European institutions, including the European Union. official European anthem - "Ode to Joy" by Schiller, a prelude to the 9th Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven.

idea of ​​a pan-European flag in some way borrowed from the European Coal and Steel Community.Flag this organization was a rectangular canvas divided into two equal horizontal parts.Upper Blue symbolized the steel, the lower black - coal.At the center is located six white five-pointed stars in the number of countries participating in the association.

In 2002, the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas proposed a new flag for the European Union.His version is a set of colored stripes arranged vertically.According to the plan Koolhaas new flag had to show the diversity of the European Union: the flag was displayed the national colors of all participating states.The idea met with no support - the flag has turned out like a colorful barcode, absolutely unsuitable for replication or decrease.