state award ceremony is traditionally held in the Kremlin's Catherine Hall.In his opening speech, the president called to respect the history of the state and preserve national and state traditions.He also recalled that the November 4, 2012 Russia celebrates not only the Day of National Unity, and the anniversary of the heroic events of 1612, which put an end to the Time of Troubles.In addition, this year celebrated another anniversary - 200 years the end of the War of 1812.

first time in many decades, was officially presented to the revived award - the Order of St. Catherine, which existed before the revolution, and only in 2012, listed on the Register of awards.He won the prioress of St. Nicholas Chernoostrovsky convent abbess in Maloyaroslavets Nicholas.

also been revived insignia "For th
e good deed," its president handed to the representative of the military-historical society "Club Red Army" of the Czech Republic Sonia Golechkovoy, President of the Foundation Hospice "Faith" Anna Federmesser, as well as the director of the medical center "Generation"located in Belgorod, Natalia Kunitsyn.According to V.Putin, these awards will now be celebrated humanitarian, peacekeeping and charity services.

particularly noted President and test cosmonauts Andrei Borisenko and Alexander Samokutyaeva, ensign department of special purpose Interior Troops Artem Katunkina, distinguished himself during a special operation in Dagestan.The words "Russia has always been proud of those who are capable of real action" were handed the perfect complement to the Gold Star of the Hero of Russia.

total in the most solemn ceremony was handed 50 state awards - military, culture and science, representatives of the workers specialties, athletes and doctors.Among the recipients were Gennady Gladkov, Karen Shakhnazarov, Iosif Kobzon.The President congratulated all the winners and emphasized the great public importance of achievements and successes of each of them.