Spend a social survey.It is needed in order to assess the political desires of the population.Maybe people want to see in power a man of middle age, a lot of attention is paid to family values, steeped in religion and culture.Having found such requests, it will be easier to create an image that will help policy for a long time to keep the sympathy of voters.
Start with appearance.To find support for different segments of the population, have opted for an elegant dark suits, did not shout about its price.Clothes should not be too high so as not to irritate the voters with low income.But do not try to save money, not to cause neglect of more affluent people.
Try to talk less and do more.This will he
lp to hidden advertising.No need to order television programs with an open demonstration of the political agenda.Better organized display of important news, which will be specified in the context of participation policy , which led to a positive outcome of the case.Several of these themes will help to form a good attitude in the minds of voters.
Make basic biographical facts in the public domain policy.No need to hide the unpleasant details, since they still will be known through the efforts of opponents.The negative aspects of personality can be opened in an interview to some magazine.Such a method is to tell about themselves raise policy in the eyes of voters.Positioning himself as an ordinary person with disabilities and the "skeletons in the closet" bribe citizens honesty.
need to clearly and convincingly express his position and political affiliation.When creating the image, you can not rely only on personal qualities.Need an obvious parallel between the party and its representative.
Try to demonstrate their superiority over opponents.It is not necessary to try to discover the terrible secrets in their past or criticize political program.Try profitable to play on the shortcomings.This will also help to opinion polls, can reveal weaknesses of the opponent in the eyes of the people.Try to beat your opponent is not in verbal battles, and demonstrating a willingness to help their constituents.