you need
  • - funds to support small, medium and large businesses;
  • - data from multiple instances of the enterprises.
There are two ways to increase the social responsibility of business .The first is closely linked to protectionism.Government lowers taxes businesses involved in charitable programs, creating favorable conditions for working through concessional loans and so on. The second way is in the public promotion and raising the prestige.Instead, large financial injections socially responsible companies are awarded with diplomas and certificates of high status.The recognition of the state and society promotes interest and confidence in the company and, therefore, increasing its profits.
to social responsibility business increased government should combine both approaches.It
is better if the company first received public recognition, and only then state support.If you - the head of the local authorities do not rush to give out soft loans to various companies in the hope that they will begin to exercise social responsibility .
establish a fund to support small, medium and large businesses .It is advisable to create three separate entities, because the level of income from their representatives is different, and therefore the possibility and extent of useful social activities are not the same.The purpose of these funds - to encourage businesses that support their employees, taking care of the environment, participate in charity events, etc.
to selection of winners was transparent and devoid of corruption component, enter the special system of calculation results.Let each department (Committee for Nature Protection, the Federal Service, trade unions, human rights organizations, etc.) evaluate the performance of each contestant, but the number of points kept secret.Until the final names of the following must be known to the leaders of these companies do not put pressure on the Commission Fund.
required a vote of consumers.The will of ordinary citizens are not interested, as a rule, the most objective.
award is distributed between the first three places, and among all the participants, identifying the share of state support to win a place.Otherwise, many leaders, not hoping to get into the top three, will work in a slipshod manner.
important that businessmen have realized that social responsibility - it is not a burden, but an opportunity to declare itself as a promising and reliable company.And what the customer is looking for in an era of economic uncertainty?Of course, the reliability.And if we add to this public support, then such a company will inevitably be a success and prosperity.