Interesting metaphor sounded in the speech after the inauguration of Boris Yel
tsin Nikolevicha in 1990, it has since sold sonorous internet meme.She began to dedicate poems and songs as the popular and famous artists and amateurs: a reflection of this meme can be found in the works of Egor Letov, Igor Talkova, Joan Bichevskaya.Politicians of all stripes - from the pro-Kremlin, to the opposition - no, no, yes, and will resort to this capacious image.Why did he become so attractive and explains a lot of different reasons?


As noted above, for the first time, all in a recognizable form, the phrase sounded in the speech after the inauguration of Boris Yeltsin in 1990.

After eight and a half years of its several rethink inherent in the popular lexicon Gulag, said the current President of the Russian Federation, and the then Prime Minister Vladimir Putin: "Russia can rise from his knees and how to deal a blow."Indeed, as time has shown, in this expression were succinctly worded summary of the concept of all its internal and vernal policy.

Sociological reflections

image of the kneeling man unwittingly draws in the imagination of several alternative images and if the conduct sociological research survey in which respondents will be asked to select an image suitable for the image, it's likely the audience surveyed divide bothof age, and the degree of awareness and involvement in the life of social networks.

In principle, it is easy to assume that the older generation is more likely to choose the images of the proposed human flagging, which has no powers not like to stand and just get up, but eventually fall, he himself did not allow it.

Generations respondents were born in the mid-70s - 90s, most likely split a percentage of the level of education and Internet advancement from flagging or degradation of man to man, using the pose kneeling as one of the hundred postures of artsex - Kama Sutra, ieperson is not physically strong and powerful energy, finding in this particular pose enjoyment and pleasure.

That is, it becomes apparent that over the years has changed its focus and its use merely indicates an aging "catch phrase", which, over time, most likely in the dictionary "catch phrase" will have a footnote "Ustari." - Obsolete.The truth is to do one small condition - by the time Russia should "rise" to the knees, which overthrew its citizens tired of the older generation - those who are for the most part over sixty.

modern sounding question

Perhaps the question "when Russia will rise from its knees" could well remain rhetorically semantic, convenient word formation for many years, if not a joyous occasion - July 2nd, 2014 RIA Novosti has issued a special message to the informationheadline: "Russian Security Council: the United States hegemony in the world is over, Russia is on its feet."

That is the issue raised with the tribes is completed by a decision of both the executive and legislative branches.It now remains to wait for the catch phrase gets to the appropriate dictionaries.

However, not all eloquent speakers caught the strong recommendations of the Security Council, therefore, still have different political strategists still happen reservations in the media space.But obviously - they are wrong simply because the announcement of the total rising from his knees was carried out in summer, vacation time.It is expected that the Russians returning from holidays with all my heart feel so joyful historic event.