to organize elections need to start to make a list of candidates.Enter to all persons who apply for public office.
to elections were held according to the rules, it is necessary to organize the collection of signatures in support of a candidate.To do this, make up questionnaires, which should be four chapters:
1. surname, name and patronymic;
2. address;
3. date;
4. signature.
Each office has its own minimum threshold on the number of signatures in support of the candidate.Ask him or the organization of elections, set for yourself if you are a member of the electoral committee.
next step - the organization of an advertising campaign in support of the candidate.Engage all possible areas - media, outdoor advertising, direct mai
ling flyers and so on.The more money invested in support of the elected candidates, the higher the probability of winning the election.
give excellent results of the meeting with voters.Perform they need in the form of a conversation, not a lecture.Let come to a meeting people ask the candidate questions.The task of election officials - to make a preliminary list of worthy answers to the most topical subjects and pass it to vote.
day before the election procedure, any campaign should be discontinued.If this rule is violated, the candidate may withdraw from the ballot.
In the elections, voters in a pre-compiled bulletins say the candidate for whom they wish to vote.Ballot sheets dipped in sealed boxes.
After the voting begins counting.The next day the election results are announced.
Any candidate within one month after the elections, it is possible to appeal if it were seen by observers violations during the voting.