you need
  • - passport;
  • - Russian citizenship;
  • - online.
As is well known, observers are representatives of various parties participating in the elections , as well as members of the media.In fact, running to get a job in the newspaper or to join the party is not required.For example, you can participate in the project "Citizen Observer".On the project website you are asked to specify the name, first name and patronymic, region of residence, phone number and e-mail, to which you and will receive a letter about how much and where you will be helping to keep order.
You do not have to be a member of any political party in order to become an observer on elections , but you can represent it.To do this, select th
e party whose views you the closest observers and sign in through it.You can do this by using the Internet, go to the party and filling out a form.
If there is no access to the Internet, call and sign up over the phone.You will be given the direction to which you will go and work on your site.Try to create supervisor as soon as possible, as in the last days before the election seats may no longer be.
eve of the vote you have to visit your polling station and registered in the register of observers.This register is each election commission.Then you can be considered a full-fledged observer on elections , can be present during the preparation of the protocol on voting results, point to a violation, contact the higher election commissions, and even apply to the courts.