Contradictory assessments of personality Richelieu

Many years after the remains of Cardinal mockery of the French people paid tribute to the leader of medieval France.The country was widely covered by the contribution of Richelieu in the military and political history.Oddly enough, some researchers agree, especially the Cardinal made great strides not in government, not in diplomacy and economy, and culture.

Cardinal Richelieu can be attributed to a number of rare public figures whose actions and decisions still cause heated debates in society.Footmarks politician in the history of France and Europe, proved to be too deep.On the significance of the id
entity of Richelieu, in force in the political arena in the first half of the XVII century can only be compared with Cromwell, Peter the Great or Napoleon Bonaparte.

However, during the life of Richelieu was not popular among the French population.Not only the people but also the aristocrats Cardinal feared and hated him.And this is not surprising, because Richelieu contributed to the decline of the nobility, their actions undermining the foundations of the old feudal France.And they unleashed war against the Habsburgs led to a worsening of the scourge of the people.

value activity of Cardinal Richelieu in France

main result of political activities Richelieu historians call the assertion of absolutism in France.Cardinal managed to radically restructure the monarchy to him based on the principle of birth.Activities undertaken Richelieu weakened opposition from the aristocracy.It is almost overcome separatist tendencies prevalent in the regions of France, opposed them national interests.

Cardinal rightly credited with the idea of ​​the so-called "European balance".Although Richelieu did not live to complete the Thirty Years' War, but France owes his victory here almost exclusively cardinal.Political decisions taken by this figure in Europe threaten the hegemony of the Habsburgs.

When Richelieu intensively began to develop a colonial policy of France, seamanship and international trade relations.Cardinal managed to conclude several dozen agreements with various countries, including Russia.During the political power of the Cardinal France to strengthen the central state authority and its independence in foreign policy.

Richelieu attached particular importance to the development of the country, culture and science.Cardinal became the founder of the French Academy and patronized the best poets and artists.Successful policies Richelieu is probably due to the fact that outside of France he had no personal interests and almost never went to concessions to the opposition, if such actions could harm the country.