After 4 years, a large majority of Russians voted for Putin again.He appealed to his determination in defending the national interests in the international arena, the fight against oligarchs (even inconsistent and cautious).In addition, Russia's economic situation has improved significantly, increased the level of life of many citizens.And though this is largely due to the sharp rise in energy prices, improvements directly linked to the personality and VVPutin.It also boosted its rating.The Russia
ns want to continue to see him as president, but the Russian Constitution prohibited three times in succession to hold the position.And in 2008, he was elected president DAMedvedev - Putin's protege.

Why Now Putin's rating dropped significantly?This happened for different reasons.First, load the elementary fatigue factor, that is, people have simply tired of seeing the highest office of the same man.Secondly, a disservice VVPutin has served the party "United Russia", the head of which he was for a long time.Corruption scandals associated with many "United Russia", unwittingly cast a shadow on the party leader.Not by chance, Vladimir Putin refused to lead the dubious honor of its electoral list in the last elections to the State Duma.

Russians were dissatisfied with the activity of DAMedvedev as president, describing him as weak and not very authoritative leader, who made unjustified concessions to the West, for example, in matters of sanctions against Libya.In addition, many people wince frank admission of the ruling "tandem" between Putin and Medvedev initially had concluded an agreement on castling position of the President in 2008 and 2012.They regarded it as a humiliating disregard for the voters.

economic crisis that began in the same 2008, although it was not even remotely similar to the default of 1998, nevertheless resulted in higher prices and lower incomes.For example, in July of this year, significantly increased the prices of utilities.And it is also associated with the personality of a leader.