Under the new law, the candidacy of the governor may nominate only political parties, from each of which may be delegated to a maximum of three people.For the self-promoted this possibility should be specified in the regional electoral legislation.

To be registered as such, a candidate must receive support from 5 to 10% of the deputies of regional parliaments and municipal authorities.The exact number of required votes in each region is determined independently.For those candidates who have nominated himself, impose additional requirements - to gather in his support of 0.5 to 2% of the votes of local
people.The ratio should also be regulated by the regional law.

Another innovation is the so-called "presidential filter", which is implemented in the form of compulsory candidate interviews with the head of state.The president himself will determine in what form and in the order of these consultations will be held.

law allows a second round of elections.It will be possible in the case when no candidate wins more than 50% plus one vote of the total number of citizens voted.

To fight for the governor's seat will not be allowed those citizens who have been convicted for committing grave and especially grave violations of the law.Those governors who left his post by the President with the phrase "in connection with the loss of confidence," also will not be able to take part in elections if they will take less than 2 years after their retirement.When the former governor left his post at his own request, before participating in the elections, he should seek permission of the President.

chooses governors will be for five years.The law provides for a limit of two terms for those who want to work in this position even further.But the governor, who previously were appointed by presidential decree, the term of this manual will not be counted against the region.

citizens the opportunity to express confidence in the head of the region and to withdraw him from his post.To hold a referendum on this issue, you must collect the signatures of at least 25% of the voters living in the region.