Government of the Russian Federation consists of the Chairman, coordinating the activities of the state body, his deputies on various issues, as well as federal ministers and heads of federal agencies.
head of this state body, which is called the Prime Minister, appointed jointly by the president and the State Duma.First the head of state makes a candidate for the parliament discussion.Possible head of the government must meet a number of conditions, such as not having a foreign nationality.Then, when receiving a candidate Duma majority vote, he can take the desired post.If the State Duma rejects three candidates of the president, the latter has the right to dissolve parliament.I
n this case, early elections are appointed by the Duma.
Deputy Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Ministers, first selected by the prime minister, and then must be approved by the head of state.There can be a maximum of eight.
Nominations ministers and heads of federal agencies as originally selected by the head of government.It may be old footage, still working under the previous leader, or new employees who came into politics by transfer from other jobs or increase.Within a week of the appointment of the Prime Minister is obliged to submit a list of candidates for the president's office.After that, as a result of consultations and workshops are approved by the Head of State candidates or replaced by others.
Thus, we can see that in terms of the formation of the government Russia justifies its status as a presidential republic.Regulation of the main political processes happening on the direct orders or under the control of the president with only partial participation of Parliament.