Redistribution Germany

After World War II victor states divided Germany into four occupation zones.Three of them were under the influence of the western world - the US, Britain and France.One went to the Soviet Union.In 1949, three parts, relating to the sphere of influence of Western countries, formed the state of Germany (Federal Republic of Germany) and the Soviet region called the GDR (German Democratic Republic). Fascist regime inflicted profound trauma not only Germany, but also worldwide.

were imposed on Germany the obligation to implement the plan of restitution and reparations to countries that have suffered from its aggression.
directly in the country occupying troops were quartered.Their status "winners" are defined in many cases, disregard
for the civilian population.

Economic and social consequences of fascism

Economy and infrastructure of Germany was almost completely undermined.According to the plan of the US Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau, the equipment was destroyed a number of industrial enterprises.It was a complete demilitarization of the country.As the German economy at the time was focused more on military issues, it has led to economic disaster.Sharply increased the level of unemployment.Six months after the end of the war the reduction of production capacity was 75%. During World War II, 95 million people became disabled, 66 million were killed or destroyed in concentration camps.For many years, it has been compromised, any right-wing parties.

The mortality rate of the civilian population is extremely increased.The economic consequences of the destruction of the industry manifested in widespread famine.Inflation reached unprecedented heights.The country is literally in ruins.From East Prussia to Germany it was relocated 9 million Germans.The standard of living has decreased on average by one third.

a result of huge losses the male population during the war are extremely acute problem of shortage of leading cadres.The problem worsened and that, according to Nazi ideology women were excluded from public life.Her job was only housekeeping and child-rearing.Thus, most women did not have sufficient skills and knowledge to fill the "staffing gap."