Tip 1: How did the elections to the Duma in 2011

December 4, 2011 passed elections to the State Duma of the VI convocation.This Duma will work 5 years in contrast to all the previous ones.Around the elections turned a number of different events, starting with the President's statement about their honesty and ending unauthorized rallies and speeches socially active part of the population.
December 4, 2011 97 th. Polling stations opened their doors.Baskets and waiting for their papers to the voters at eight o'clock in the morning.Turnout in some areas exceeded the expectations of even the most daring of experts.For example, in the Chukotka region, it was 73%: unprecedented numbers! In the morning, people were moved up to the school, where they were waiting for members of the election commission and the special units designed to monitor the integrity and legitimacy of the elections.The ballot was not new, unknown party's electorate.Among the candidates to the State Duma were considered remarkable "United Russia", "Fair Russia", "Communist Party",
"the Liberal Democratic Party", "Patriots of Russia", "Yabloko", "just cause" .In different cities voting differently.Similarity consisted in one thing: the leading party is the "United Russia".In regions such as Chechnya percent voted for the ruling party came close to 98. Similar figures were typical of military units and psychiatric hospitals.This fact has caused discontent among the public mass.V network has a large number of videos that showed nesanktsionirovanom activities conducted at the polling stations.In this connection, in large Russian cities held demonstrations of dissent, in which people who consider themselves cheated, took to the streets, demanding fair vyborov.K they think no one listened, and the results of the voting were valid.According to them, the number of seats in the State Duma of the VI convocation distributed as follows: 238 seats at the "United Russia", 92 the mandate of the "Communist Party of the Russian Federation", 64 - the "Fair Russia" and 56 - the "LDPR" .tak waythe absolute majority of seats was in the hands of "United Russia".However, to address issues of national importance they are not enough.Many experts and political scientists ponder such questions as whether the other parties to cooperate and unite to confront the power of the "United Russia".

Tip 2: How to write a letter to the State Duma

to address certain issues may need to send a letter to the State Duma.It is possible to accomplish this in several ways, depending on what you would prefer.
How to write a letter to the State Duma
Select an option to send:
- by mail;
- by personal transmission;
- by fax;
- in electronic form.
In order to send a letter to the State Duma by mail, write on the envelope the following address: 103265, Moscow, st.Okhotny Ryad, house 1.

If you want to bring a letter in person, go to the following address: Ul.Moss, 7 (metro station "Lenin Library").There is reception of the State Duma.It operates on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00, Friday - 16:00.No lunch break, at weekends and on public holidays reception is not working.

to send a letter by fax, dial: (495) 697-42-58.
Appeals to the State Duma in writing, must meet the following requirements.Be sure to include your full name and middle name, complete mailing address to which the reply should be sent.In the letter, describe the problem or suggestions, put his signature and the date.
You can also send a letter to the State Duma in electronic form.To do this, use the official portal, which is located at the following Web address: http://www.duma.gov.ru.In the right sidebar, click on the link "Send an appeal to the State Duma" or just go to http: http://www.duma.gov.ru/representative/addresses/leave/.
Read the information on the page that opens.In the appropriate fields, enter the required information.Those fields that are marked with a red asterisk must be filled.Enter your name and middle name, zip code and address (to answer in writing), e-mail (to answer in electronic form), the text of the letter and special characters from the image - this is required to confirm that you are not a robot.Click "Send Message".In addition, you can specify exactly who addressed your letter.
If you need to send an e-mail along with additional files, send it to the address stateduma@duma.gov.ru.The size of investments should not exceed 1.5 megabytes.