All public events in Russia are carried out in accordance with the Federal Law of 19.06.2004 №54-FZ "On Meetings, rally ah, Demonstrations, Processions and Picketing" Important rally distinguished from other forms of public events.Inconsistency passing events, statements, gives reason to the authorities to discontinue rally well.In rally e can participate from 15 people or more.It allows all that specified in the application.Held on the permission of the authorities, the daytime from 7 to 23 hours.
For the rally but must apply to the local authority for the venue.This may be the city administration, the village, in the big cities - the district administration.The organizer of the rally and be a citizen of the Russian Federation wh
o has reached 16 years of age or political parties, public and religious organizations, is the organizer of the rally well.Application rally fed for 10-15 days prior to the meeting.
The application must specify the purpose of the public event, such as protest against the demolition of the library in your town.Form events - rally .Location - specify the exact address.The request must indicate the date and time of the beginning and end of a rally well.Just specify the planned number of participants.The proposal is necessary to register a person or a group of citizens are proactive rally organizers and, with their passport data.An important issue is to ensure the rule of law and first aid.It is allowed to make on their own, which should be reflected in the application.For each of the above subject should have its own Commissioner.It shall specify their personal data.At the end of the application do not forget to specify the date and signature of the organizers and authorized persons.
If given permission to hold a rally but start training.It can take a campaign that would be your rally enough people come, prepare slogans and banners, consider the scenario of the event.Who, in what order it will be given the floor as you turn to the audience and what issues affect.