Stalinism as a part of the history of the Soviet Union

a time when the rules of Stalin often wrote today in a negative way.The period of "father of the peoples" in this light seems to time, mass repression and the actual lawlessness, departing from the Leninist principles of building the party and the state.Witnesses who lived in Stalin's time, with horror describe the process of dispossession of the peasantry and collectivization.

Researchers often define Stalinism as a system of beliefs and actions of Joseph Stalin and his entourage, who dominated in th
e Soviet Union since the late twenties of the last century until the death of the leader in 1953 and it was.Often this period of time is called the rule of the totalitarian regime, when they were destroyed by natural mechanisms of progress, the economy created a deadlock and build barracks socialism. Stalinism - management system based on the rule of the party and the bureaucracy.

Inherently Stalinism was the result of a real perversion of the theory of building a socialist society, differing methods of extreme cruelty and barbaric methods of formation of the industrial economy.The actions of Stalin and his entourage were covered by the Marxist and Leninist phraseology.It was believed that Stalin creatively developed Marxist theory, adapting it to the conditions of existence of the USSR, which had to contend with a hostile environment.

Personal Stalinism

Perhaps the most important thing in Stalinism - it's principles of power system.The theoretical basis for it was the doctrine of the dictatorship of the proletariat.But Stalin was able to replace the principles of the Marxism and create a dictatorship of one man, who ruled on behalf of the entire class.Such power was based on the party, government and the secret police.The basis of this power lay fear, coercion and unquestioning obedience to the will of one man.

audit of the foundations of Marxism, carried out by Stalin in his theoretical work relating to the revision not only the goals, but also the funds to be used for the successful construction of the first phase of communism.This goal proved to be subordinated to the media. In the years of Stalin's rule was almost completely lost and emasculated humane essence of socialism, to create a society for the sake of human rights.

Stalin, however, did not use the term "Stalinism" and not allowed to do so, who was willing to please him.It existed at the time of the ideological system simply join Stalin's name to the other leaders of the proletariat - Marx, Engels and Lenin.Yet historians have recovered a system of views Stalin as a separate ideological trend, calling it Stalinism, as this system has its own characteristics and peculiarities.