Under the new law, children (and this is all persons under eighteen years of age) do not have to deal with the works, which depict scenes of pornography, violence, disrespect for elders, neglect of family values, drug use, alcohol and tobacco.Employees of the media are required to label their products in accordance with, any age, it is intended.Programs for adults will start up in the air after 23 hours, the book "adult" theme will be available in the library only after a passport.

main concern expressed that the Russians - under the vague wording of the law can be brought virtually any information that is in the public domain.It gives the state the ability to censor objectionable information justifying its harm to the younger generation.However, the President of
the Russian Federation has already said that the law does not become a tool in the fight against Internet sites.

There were also a "victim" of the new bill.The first sign was the film "Anatomy of Tatu" - the autobiography of the famous pop group.From his show in the evening he refused channel "Culture" and decided not to risk transferring broadcast in the evening.However, the right to show the film immediately bought the television station MTV.

in disgrace almost certain pleased Soviet cartoons - "Well, wait a minute," "Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka."The reason is simple - the main characters of these cartoons appear in front of a young audience with a pipe or a cigarette in his mouth.Saved their amendment Roskomnadzor."Harmful" product of historic or cultural value, allowed for viewing by minors.

not so lucky Western cartoons."The Simpsons" were censored - they will be removed from "Itchy & Scratchy Show", which is so fond of watching Lisa and Bart.The animated series "South Park", which regularly kill Kenny, with the scenes of violence had to shift late in the evening.