1 Regularly check your inbox.A few days before the election, you will receive an invitation to come to the polling station at the place of your registration.
Use the official site of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation to determine the number and address of your polling station, if the invitation was not delivered to your inbox.To do this on the home page note on the "Find your polling station," it is located at the upper left.In the next page, again click on the button with the inscription.
Select the address where you are registered, click the "Submit Query".On the screen will appear the information with the address and number of your polling station.The site allows you to find the information for any settlement of the Russian Federation.
visit your polling station 4 March 2012.Follow the signs placed in the room, because the vote can take place in different classrooms or school (if the elections are held in the school building).As a rule, to avoid queues of voters divided along the streets or houses.
Go to the Electoral Commission, its representatives sit at the tables, show the passport of the Russian Federation.Your data will be checked against the list of voters.
Get the commission newsletter.Sign here.
Go to the voting booth.Place a mark in the box next to the names of the candidate, whom you have chosen.Ballots with two or more marks are invalid.Handles are in each voting booth.
Place the ballot in a special opening ballot boxes.
not create a conflict at the polling station.Since the video and photo shooting in areas where elections are held, is not prohibited, you can become one of the participants of the video, which later will be posted on the Internet.