Most of the population behaved for decades under Stalin, was ready for self-sacrifice following the example of the builders of the Egyptian pyramids.However, there were people in those days who pomyanuv "friend of all children" and "father of the peoples" - dine vodka and eating cucumber with sauerkraut - have decided that now it's their time.

first version of the post-Stalinist upgrade

Beria-Malenkov, Khrushchev and Bulganin who joined them were the first version of the upgrade political and social system of the post-Stalin era.

now too few people remember, but
after Stalin stood at the head of the country, efforts to put Beria, convenient to him, Comrade Malenkov.During Stalin's life, Comrade Malenkov was what is now called speechwriter - in addition to the official his post.Most of the reports of Stalin in the late forties and early fifties were written by Georgy Malenkov.

Beria and Malenkov seemed to be in order to strengthen the power and not allow itself to gobble up the rest of Kremlin gray wolves, it is necessary to trample down all state structures and, most importantly, the presidency of the Council of Ministers.By the party structures, they react rashly shortsighted.

It presidency and took Malenkov and ministerial portfolios were divided between supporting him and Beria "associates."Comrade NS Khrushchev public office has not got.He put on a little importance - for high-nomenclature criteria of the time - almost the nominal post of Secretary of the CPSU.

Checkmate Nikita Khrushchev

little less than two years it took to Nikita Khrushchev that the uncharacteristic - calm - manner, using opaque party games, and sometimes very risky steps to shift their rivals.And not just a shift, and to intercept and safely assign them, almost democratic and initiatives.

So, that Beria has translated a number of large industrial enterprises of the gulag system in the departmental ministry has started the process to mitigate and stop the flywheel has launched new repressions (the case of doctors, etc.), carried out the amnesty and rehabilitation carried out several tens of hundreds of prisoners - aIt was a drop in the bucket of the Gulag, and she almost did not touch the political prisoners, but it was then that many thousands of innocent prisoners emerged hope for change.

Within months, he began to turn from the fiends in one of the most "liberal" reformers, but hate him less than did not.Especially all the Kremlin assessors, since it had been all the threads that connect each of them and their entourage from the repression of 30-50-ies.

Malenkov was also the author of the idea of ​​debunking the cult of personality, agricultural reform, the release from socialist slavery farmers and priority of severe light industry.In general, he was a supporter of the ideas of the NEP.

Khrushchev two preventive strikes - first by Beria and Malenkov and then - get rid of his superior intelligence, but not to the ambitions of rivals.

That attempt Malenkov expand control of the country from the Stalinist model to Lenin - collectively - as leader of the party heads the government and also directs the activities of the higher organs of the Party and played a trick on him, as collegiality is possible only in a democracy, not under authoritarian totalitarianism.

At a meeting of the Presidium of the Central Committee, to which almost came pripozdal Malenkov, his place was taken by Khrushchev.Remark on the question - "we have decided to return to the tradition of Lenin and the chair should I, as the head of government" - Khrushchev dismissively replied: "What are you, Lenin?".From that moment, the star and executive willed Malenkov finally fell from the sky Kremlin.

Certainly, Khrushchev not to kondachka decided on such an extravagant step.Somewhat earlier, the patron of Malenkov, Beria was appointed as an "agent of international imperialism", convicted, and executed.It was on him, and not Stalin, who even in death, Khrushchev feared, was largely blamed for the repression - as a conspiracy against the Soviet people.Allegations of involvement in the repression began to Khrushchev convenient mechanism to remove all undesirable and dangerous opponents who had to repent, and then lay down the powers.That's how Khrushchev and removed virtually all those who for many years was particularly approached in Stalin: Molotov, Kaganovich, Mikoyan, and others.Why are none of them tried to "draw" on the same accountability Khrushchev himself, it's not for anybody not a secret of his zeal in this matter - it is a matter for psychoanalysts.

with great benefit for themselves personally took Malenkov, Khrushchev ideas, but mostly only in terms of debunking the cult of personality.His understanding of the economy and surprisingly voluntarist her appeal, ultimately, after a meteoric rise, prepared by Malenkov, has led to an equally rapid decline, until the execution of the rally in Novocherkassk in 1962.Thus the country was finally finished with the planned, but not had time to start series-progressive economic reforms.

Zugzwang Khrushchev

For five years, consistently, Khrushchev removed all of its many competitors, each of whom, after the death of Stalin, could lay claim to the leading role in the country: from Beria - to all this time helped him Zhukov.

In March 1958, the Soviet Union began the formation of a new government.As a result, Khrushchev made his appointment as Chairman of the Council of Ministers.At the same time it has been saved and the position of First Secretary of the CPSU.In fact, it meant complete victory of Khrushchev.The struggle for power after Stalin was over.

One could not consider Comrade Khrushchev - not only he knew how to weave a conspiracy behind the Kremlin walls.By removing from the path of all those who just like he was a direct witness to the death of Stalin, leaving around not only the enemy, but if not friends, then allies, the latest of which was sent into exile Zhukov, he was the victim of an absolutely identical plot againstHe organized Shelepin Sevenfold-Brezhnev and Suslov joined them and Podgorny, who are tired of uneducated and unpredictable restless from extreme to extreme, proactive idiocy of Khrushchev.