drafting a new constitution of the Russian Federation

On the I Congress of People's Deputies, which took place in 1990, was formed by the Constitutional Commission.Within four months of work, the Committee has been prepared and published the first edition of the new Constitution. constitutive law establishing in the ancient Greek polis, as a rule, special legislature, of which the best known are the laws of Solon and Cleisthenes in Athens, considered prototypes of modern constitutions.

projects themselves were a few, they are partially accepted, finalized and submitted for consideration to deputies, and only in April 1992, at the VI Congress of People's Deputies of Russia, was approved by the general concept of
the constitutional reform and highlights edition of the Constitutional Commission.The practice of extensive discussions reflect positively on the progress of the project, but the MPs could not find agreement on the delimitation of powers between the executive and legislative bodies.Therefore, none of the subsequent Congresses failed to adopt a new constitution.

For several years, together with the draft of the Constitutional Commission to develop other alternative drafts of the Constitution of the Federation, which is also submitted for consideration by the deputies and discussed with the public.Approved by the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation the project was announced in May 1993.

referendum - a guarantee of high legitimacy

In June 1993, presidential decree was convened by the Constitutional Assembly, which completed the preparatory process of the draft of the new Constitution of Russia.The forum gathered about 250 people and the number of delegates from the highest state authorities and the public.Participants discussed the draft of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which was introduced by the President, the draft of the Constitutional Commission of the Congress of People's Deputies, as well as other proposals.A month later, the commission stopped its work, and July 12, 1993 was approved by a compromise.Confronting the executive and legislative authorities in August - September 1993 exacerbated the political crisis in the government.This development has led to the fact that the draft constitution was submitted to a national referendum by the President.As a result of a referendum voted in favor of the draft of 58.4%, which accounted for about 55% of the total number of registered voters. the Constitution of the Russian Federation in 1993 came into force on the day of its publication in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" - December 25, 1993.

12 December 1993 adopted the first constitution in the history of Russia, whose fate was decided in a national referendum, which determines the high level of legitimacy.