What is the legislative function of Parliament

main function of any parliament - the legislative.That is, that it considers the draft laws, amendments and additions to them.Parliament passes laws that change their content or even cancel if necessary.

As part of its legislative functions of Parliament also oversees the executive branch.It examines the question of confidence in the government and in some cases specified by law, carries out the procedure for early removal from office of the head of state (monarch, president).Typically, this happens when the failure of the long-term senior official to perform their duties - for example, for health reasons, or at his own request or because of the charge against the head of state charged with a criminal offense.From more recent examp
les are the voluntary abdication of the Spanish king Juan Carlos II in favor of his eldest son.This renunciation was approved by the Spanish parliament - the Cortes.

What functions can perform the parliament, except for legal

Parliament, if necessary, may establish a commission of inquiry activity as an individual officer and entire institutions, ministries.It can cause (or be invited, depending on the laws of a particular country) to its meetings to report any officer, for he sends him a letter.These meetings are held either in the open mode, with the participation of representatives of public organizations and mass media, or in a closed, if the matter involves state secrets.

Finally, Parliament provides another important function - Executive.The vast majority of all its members (or at least the members of the lower chamber, if the composition of a bicameral parliament) receive their mandate from the voters, by secret ballot.Thus, in the Parliament includes people who have delegated authority to the representatives of the broad sections of the population who hold different political views.

Without the feedback Parliament will not be able to provide social support to the ongoing course.There is also a function of the parliament include the formation of the budget, for example, some countries in detail painted all the expenditure of budgetary funds.