really perestroika began with the advent of the new leadership of the USSR General Secretary of the CPSU Mikhail Gorbachev in March 1985.In the country at the time ripe for global changes.Few people then did not understand.The long period of relatively prosperous Brezhnev stagnation gradually began to move to the stage of blatant degradation state.
Soviet economy was in a state of stagnation.Despite the annual statistics of the steady increase in all indicators, the real situation was getting worse and worse.Products on store shelves became less and completely empty ideological slogans calling on citizens to suffer a little for the sake of a loved bright future is no longer working.The people wante
d change.
why people saw the coming to power of a new mill in the young by the standards of big politics, energetic man, as a good sign harbingers of change for the better.
Despite the fact that in his first speech to the new high office Gorbachev assured everyone that he would continue a policy of the Communist Party, no one believed him.So cheerfully and energetically, he said, it is just a hint of the coming reform.
During the first three months after coming to power, the new secretary general has changed almost all the top party leadership.In place of the elderly comrades Brezhnev came completely new people.There are two highly questionable in its feasibility and the state-run project: the Anti-panstvom and accelerate economic development.
And there is, hitherto completely unheard of concept of the Soviet people - publicity.Then, at the dawn of perestroika were just small glimpses of it.But the people and it was immensely pleased.The official party press and on television began to appear much earlier completely inaccessible to mere mortals information.On the one hand began to give positive information about life in the West.On the other - criticism of the party and Soviet organs.
happening, major changes in foreign policy.For the first time the head of the Soviet Union devyatiletiya 2 years four meets with the President of the United States.Occur and meetings with other heads of the western powers.People all over the world there is a fragile hope for ending the Cold War and the arms race.
But real change in Soviet society that the world is called restructuring began only in 1987.