Currently Alexei Navalny convicted and is under house arrest, in addition, it has opened several criminal cases, some of which have already been dealt with in court.Combines all of these things one thing: no one objective of the injured party, which Navalny stole something.Moreover, recently in one case - Yves Rocher - it turned out
that his work has brought the company profits and the company claims to it does not matter.But, of course, he will be condemned as it is to "claim" the Investigative Committee of Russia (RF IC).In another way.Why is it "bad luck" so pursues one person?


Alexei Navalny came to politics in the early 2000s.He came to the party "Yabloko".But in 2007 he was expelled from the wording "for causing political damage to the party, in particular for nationalist activities."

Actually Navalny himself never hid his nationalist views, taking part in the formation and leadership of the moderate nationalist movements, rallies and marches.Perhaps, over time, becoming more and more popular politician, he only became more cautious in his statements so as not to scare off potential liberal electorate such intolerant views.Call Alexei Navalny ultranationalist certainly can not and it is not anyone come to mind, but ... Despite his political maturation, the issues at a small liberal-democratic society, somehow forming a reputation, about his views on nationalism remain.They will remain as the media space keeps malodorous Pearl committed politician in the early discussions on the subject.Thus, bulk always successfully managed to balance on the thin line between national-democratic and ultra-nationalist views, and just over a year ago, he has consistently proved his nationalist views, expressed in one of the discussions convinced that nationalism "should be the core of the political systemRussia. "


the time of the "separation" Navalny with the "Apple" on the Internet gained popularity of social networking blogs, and most LiveJournal (Live Journal), where Alex and became one of the most popular bloggers, publishing socio-political positions -Trolling - corruption.The greatest popularity brought him the post, and then a trial with the Russian state company "Transneft" in 2008, the court with which he won.Here then at once he became firmly "not objective" SK Russia.Especially because it is since 2008 the political career of Alexei Navalny, and began to gain rapid momentum: he has appeared numerous sincere supporters donated to help him to make the difficult struggle against Russian corruption.In the same year it was announced the creation of a "Russian national movement", which included the organization Movement Against Illegal Immigration, "Great Russia" and headed Bulk movement "people".

After 2008, the exposure of Navalny and his supporters caught stealing institutions, banks and companies, sawn budget of the country, officials receiving kickbacks for permission for a particular activity and the rich at the expense of working people and a simple middle class, parallel to buy up luxury properties far beyondRussia began to take cosmic scale.Additional disclosure: status "Shark" from VTB Bank and the Investigative Committee of Russia, the top managers of the monopoly state-owned companies and the State Duma, and all of them, most of them are successful members of the party "United Russia".

This fact of belonging mostly unmasked corrupt to the party "United Russia" and once gave Alexei Navalny opportunity during radio transmission improvise phrase that became then a cruise and a popular internet meme, "United Russia party - a party of crooks and thieves"or short - PZhiV.To be completely accurate, the popularization of the slogan unexpectedly helped a lawyer and also a member of the EP Shota Gongadze's obviously not heard previously about the "effect of Barbra Streisand" and unfamiliar with the Internet community trolls.


modern politician Alexei Navalny, who was born in the 70s of the last century and found the old - no-internet-political era.Probably, and it allows him to freely navigate the sometimes hidebound political and economic thinking of the politicians of the older generation occupying the political space of modern Russia.

Meanwhile, he, like most men of his generation, is fluent in new technologies and feels free in the network where, with varying success, but honing skills even while under house arrest and cut off from the modern devices, led and leads Internet-voyny: to drain the sleaze and spectacularly successful trolling trolls who are on the payroll in certain government agencies.

can not but command respect his ability while under constant pressure and in the virtual and the real world, which flow smoothly into one another, to lead and guide and their supporters and those who work directly with the established Navalny and his like-minded projects, "RosPil"" RosYama "," RosVybory "," RosZhKH "," A good car truth "," Foundation for the fight against corruption "," Progress Party ".

the last two and a half years of the life of the policy Alexei Navalny was very rich: a surge of protest activity in December 2011, offered him on a pedestal as the almost sole leader of the protest of the democratic movement, trial and conviction of the Kirov Court, awarding a real period of five years to be served ina penal colony, replaced with probation, participation and almost a victory in the elections of the mayor of Moscow, placed under house arrest, judicial proceedings in order of 5-7 criminal cases at the same time, causing sincere bewilderment like independent experts and the public.Yet no politician of our time - from the beginning of 90-ies and 10-ies of the 21st century - was not born under such continuous pressure intensifying repression.

Name Alexei Navalny is gradually becoming a household word, as a man consistently advocated the need for parliamentary government in Russia, rather than authoritarian, as is the place to be now.The attitude to his government - a kind of indicator of the level of thinking and its repressive code signal sent by democratic-liberal society.How and when this level will cross the waterline soon as any of the strangest criminal cases can translate into a real probation.But perhaps it was then that the name of Alexei Navalny will be forced to speak Russian President Vladimir Putin, still successfully avoid it.