involved in the formation of power at all levels.Go to the polls.Do not take our abstruse writers and artists setuyuschim on television that "now, he says, again, not from whom to choose."If you do not come to the site, there is a large percentage of probability that your vote will, however, be used in favor of the candidate, it is absolutely unacceptable for you.Remember: the choice is always there.Even if you have to choose on the basis of "two evils choose the least."
Take part in rallies and demonstrations of protest or support.If the elections have taken place and are not held with the result that you expec
ted, do not give up.In between elections, there are levers of power.Dissent forced authorities to adjust their policies.In a pinch, you can initiate and carry out impeachment under the current Constitution.
Social organizations, parties - it's pretty effective forces of political influence.Join the party statute and program that you share.Become a member appealing to you a public organization.Remember the words of V.Mayakovsky: "The Party - millionnopalaya hand clenched in a fist smashing!".Together with like-minded people can achieve a lot in the revival of our Russia.
Do not pass if you see how in any way to attempt the desecration of our great culture.After all, culture - is the soul of the nation.Any pulling alien to Russian human rites and customs in our lives - a blow to the identity and uniqueness of a great nation.Studies and promotes all that is connected with the history and culture of our multinational country.
Even if you are an atheist, do not let themselves or others mock the feelings of believers.Religion - the great unifying force.Russian Orthodox Church, to survive in conditions of Soviet totalitarianism, has proved its viability.Take part in the restoration of the temples at least a small donation.After all, religion - it is a significant part of the culture.