concept of Human Rights and Freedoms came into use at the end of the XVIII century, when Europe was a wave of revolutions.But it went on for several centuries humanity, and the form in which we know it today, it is reflected in the Declaration adopted by the United Nations in the XX century.And the main document of our country, the Constitution also includes the guarantee of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen.Why this division?As a rule, civil rights and freedoms belong to the person as belonging to some state, its political system.Therefore, in the narrow sense, such rights and freedoms referred to the political: it is the electoral law, freedom of association, the right to participate in government, etc.These and other rights and freedoms refle
cted in Chapter 2 of the Constitution.
All people have rights and freedoms that are independent of nationality.This so-called personal rights and freedoms.Among them are the right to life, honor and dignity, personal integrity, freedom of conscience, religion, place of residence, the right to defense in court, etc.All of them overlap with the rights and freedoms of a citizen, so this division is rather arbitrary.With respect to our Constitution, some of its points is an indication of a Russian citizen, in which case they do not belong to the universal rule of law.
Besides the personal and political, all human rights and freedoms can also be divided into socio-economic and cultural, although this division is also sufficiently conditional, because the same concepts can go to severalgroups.Thus, socio-economic include the right to private property, housing, medical care, an eight-hour working day, etc .;the cultural - artistic freedom, the right to education, the right to a healthy environment, and others.