Patrice Emery Lumumba - a well-known political and public figure of the Republic of the Congo.His main achievement - the republic's independence.

of the employees-mail - to the prime minister Patrice

from an early age was involved in political issues.After graduating from high school and post training, he worked as a clerk, servant.He was fascinated by the idea to unite his people, for his country to achieve independence.Young Lumumba frequently participated in meetings and encourage uttered speech.

rapidly growing career Patrice suddenly broke in the mail.When the question about the next increase, he stole about two and a half thousand dollars.The first thing you did after the arrest of Lumumba - led by the National Party of the country shortly after he was appointed prime minister of the Congo.

Congo gains independence

October 10, 1957 Lumumba headed CPV.The movement is different from the others as its main objective.Leaders of the movement loudly declared that become an independent state can only be the union of the people.On the territory of the state is constantly taking place meetings, uprisings, people tried their strength.Soon Brussels had to sit down at the negotiating table and to recognize the independent state of the Congo.

at the ceremony dedicated to this event, Patrice Lumumba delivered a famous speech, full of passionate exclamations and emotions.At the end of a sudden sounded phrase: "We're not your monkey!".This was all Lumumba.

As prime minister Lumumba, after the final independence, became engaged in the anti-imperialist politics.

Murder leader

Almost immediately after the triumph of the leader voluntarily disconnected Katanga province mutinied.However, he promised to stop, if the president of the Congo will remove from the post of Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba.President no choice but to fulfill his requirement.

At the same time, the UN issues a warrant for the arrest of Lumumba, and he goes to jail.Re-arrest of Patrice called a protest to the United Nations.November 28, 1960 Lumumba gets to the people of Katanga - soon kill the leader.Until now, the details of this sad event is unknown.

Patrice Lumumba respected and loved the common people.Knew about it all: He arrived with whom he said that he had done.The patriotic idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAfrican Unity and now the heart of every inhabitant of Africa.About the Prime Minister, to defend their country, remember.