Who benefits from war

In the past century, the world experienced two global armed conflict, which are called World Wars.The reasons and causes of these events were different, but the results have played into the hands of first the United States. End of World War led to a sharp increase in economic and military potential of the United States, as well as to strengthen the influence of the US currency.

Some analysts believe that if the Second World War at the time managed to prevent, at the beginning of the seventies of the last century the United States was just one of the rank and file of their region with a very low income per capita.But the undisputed leader in economics and politics could well be the Soviet
Union, whose economic potential was, however, extremely eroded by the war with Germany.

now largely historical events are repeated, only the place of the Soviet Union, leading to irritation of the US imperialists, is China.Strengthening the role of China in the field of politics and the economy may mean that in the coming decades, the United States will lose its influence and will have to reckon with the Asian power.

Will prevent World War II?

modern world has entered a period of protracted crisis.A similar situation occurred both before the First, and before World War II.The output of the previous crises, it became a military confrontation leading imperialist powers, which had the aim of redistribution of the world and conquer new territories that are rich in resources. Experts do not exclude that the current crisis can also lead to fighting the major powers, but now, not only for resources but for markets for their products.

One possible scenario unleashing a new war suggests that it will become the initiator of the United States, and it will begin military operations in the Asian Pacific.The main purpose of a strike is called China experts, but it is possible that the military would be drawn into the conflict, and Russia, with which the United States is still in a state of cold war.

why we are talking about China?This country is surely sees one of the leaders in the field of economy, although US military supremacy over China is obvious.But how long can the United States are leaders in the field of armaments?There is a danger that in a year or two decades China will build up its armed forces, including the navy, and will be able to compete on an equal footing with the United States.This situation is extremely satisfied with the American politicians and the military, seeking to keep the status of the country as the sole superpower.

The scope of the geopolitical interests of the United States is still includes Russia.Major General Alexander Vladimirov, representing the Board of Military Experts of Russia, in 2007 pointed to the probability of occurrence over the next two decades of war between the US and Russia, which was initiated by America.The reason for a possible collision is obvious: the US is interested in an exclusive access to a rich Russian resources and to prevent them China.The war, he said, will begin with a local conflict that could engulf the entire region later.

No one can say with certainty how it could start an international armed conflict, it is clear only that completely exclude the possibility of its occurrence can not be.The contradictions of the modern world, in the center of which are the United States, are global in nature.And allow them only at the infringement of the interests of the countries antagonists.

whole course of the history of the last century shows that the fundamental contradictions inherent in imperialism initially, can only be resolved with the use of military force.We can only hope that economists and policy makers leading world powers will be able to find a compromise solution that, at least temporarily reduce tensions in the world.That's just how long they can delay the inevitable denouement?It's show time.