Personality of suicide that led to an explosive device in the house of Said Afandi, the investigating authorities were able to establish fairly quickly, it turned out to be 30-year-old Aminat Kurbanov (Saprykin nee), the widow of former secret services destroyed by militants.

main version of the murder at the moment law enforcement authorities consider religious activities Sheikh.Said Afandi was a representative of moderate Sufism, opposed radical Muslim movements - salafitstva and Wahhabism.This is most likely was the cause of his death.At the same time, none of the representatives of the terrorist underground has not yet claimed responsibility for the killing of Sheikh.It can be underst
ood - even if the death of Said Afandi are representatives of radical Islamic movements, it is unprofitable to ascribe to themselves the crime, at the risk of alienating so many Dagestanis.

murder of the leader of Dagestan Sufi beneficial to those who are trying to destabilize the situation in the republic.Therefore, it may be that none of the radical Islamists to death of Said Afandi was not involved, and if involved, it is only as the executor of the will of others.The origins of the terrorist attack in this case should be sought among those who do not want to establish a dialogue between the various Islamic movements in Dagestan, primarily between Sufis and Salafis.That is why the murder of Said Afandi attributed to a variety of forces, including foreign and Russian intelligence services.

If possible involvement in the terrorist attack of foreign intelligence services is quite understandable reasons - in particular, the desire to ignite a religious war in the country, the prosecution in the Russian security services may come as a surprise - they are, then why kill the leader of traditional Islam, who supported the current government?The answer to this question can be found in the statements of the militants.They argue that for a long time could kill Sheikh Said Afandi, if it considers it necessary, and accused its elimination is the Russian special services.According to them, the death of Sheikh necessary the Russian authorities as a pretext to start an all-out war against the Salafists.

Despite such a variety of options, the most likely and understandable still is involvement in the death of Said Afandi Dagestani terrorist underground.After killing the sheikh, militants killed one of the most influential theologians of Sufism, which greatly weakens the position of traditional Islam.Thus trained abroad Salafi leaders actively recruit young people into their ranks, it facilitates the difficult economic situation in the country.Unemployment, corruption, the absence of many young people's future prospects pushes them into the ranks of radical Islamists.Whoever was behind the death of Said Afandi, his death will only accelerate this process.