Partial loss of independence.

There centralized management worldwide.Subjects of state power transfer some of its powers powerful supranational association - the IMF, the UN, WTO, World Bank, European Union, NATO, and so on. D. The result is that governments have entered into or that the organization can not carry out a full independent policy.It is necessary to take into account not only the interests of his country and people, but also the above-mentioned organizations.The result is that countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Greece allow the European Union, almost completely to make decisions on a number of national issues.And, for example, France and Germany are under the pressure of NATO in military matters.
economic globalization.

This aspect seems to be the most interesting in the framework of global integration.The standardization of world trade, common rules for international transactions - all this should be easy.But in practice, it goes a little differently.General rules are written in the interest of the developed countries, which took the most active part in their drafting.Some local benefit any state can certainly get, but in the long term scale to trade on someone else's rules can be detrimental to the national economy.There are also regional economic integration, for example, the Euro-zone.It is difficult to judge whether all of them are successful for its members, as each such association has its own goals and objectives.
mass culture.

Globalization is happening in the creative fields.In practice, it turns out that culture is also not equivalent, and there is not so much integration and Americanization of all nations.Movies, music, TV shows, often of very high quality.However, due to lack of alternative process is more similar to the dominance of one national culture.