The authorities claim that the costs to defend their rights in court.Especially when it comes to corruption.But the leader of the "Time Machine" states that these control measures are not suitable for Russia.After all, I'm sure he judicial system in our country - it's a vehicle for punishing objectionable or apparatus for the selection of money from the plaintiffs.

Andrei V. claims that over the past five or six years, the level of corruption has risen sharply.And if before the rollback was about 30 percent, but now it has grown to 70 percent.Of course, this state of affairs can not be happy honest citizens.Makarevich asked the president to solve the problem of corruption in the country, withou
t mentioning, however, the methods of combating it.The famous musician does not expect any decision or change existing laws.He just does what he can not do.According to him, he was faced with a situation where a rollback was altogether fabulous sum, namely 95 percent.

Makarevich warns that if the situation does not change, it could face a "total disaster."The musician is confident that major changes in the state take place only at the will of the leaders.Andrei V. hoped that the President concerned about the situation in the country, and it just is not fully aware of the depth and severity of the problem.

leader of the "Time Machine" claims that the country is divided into two parts.One of them feeds with kickbacks and the other is afraid of losing their 30 per cent (that is, after the rollback).And in his blog, the musician claims that such a division - the deliberate result of Vladimir.In his letter, however, he did not say.Instead, he asked the President to restore order in the country.

Andrei Makarevich in recent years began to be interested in politics.Some time ago he even kept the famous billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov.Later he participated in the signing of letters in support of the rock band Pussy Riot.