If briefly describe the content of the manifesto, the following: the majority of the Russian people, according to Navalny, confused state media, and therefore can not understand the need for democratic change.People need to educate, to open his eyes.And for this you need to create the very good propaganda machine, that is a network of activists agitators (in the long term not less than one hundred thousand people), which should in any way possible to disseminate information about the real state of affairs in the country.Thus, according to Navalny, after some time, the predominant mass of Russians aware of the negative nature of the current government headed by VVPutin and demand political change.

The manifesto clearly states what information should be disseminated.Bulk focuses on two main areas: corruption, really take a huge scale, and crimes of law enforcement.As a typical example, he mentions rocked the whole country sad story that happened in Kazan, where the sadistic police tortured a detainee to death.The main responsibility for this terrible incident, and other negative phenomena in the country imposes on Bulk VVPutin.That there is only an eloquent passage from the manifesto: "In Kazan, the police raped a bottle of champagne and killed a man.And no one has suffered any political or criminal responsibility.And it happened because Putin from the police only need protection racket stuffing in the elections.That is what we should be 61% of United Russia in the city of Kazan. "

course, and corruption, and lawlessness must be fought.But the bulk of the allegations "dark" predominant mass of the Russian people in need of education, it is difficult to be described as dubious.The Russians are aware of the negative phenomena, and they did not idealize the current government at all levels, including the President of Russia.This is clearly evidenced by the fact that the rating VVPutin declined significantly.Yes, and it is difficult to imagine that in the Internet era state propaganda machine could so deceive tens of millions of people that they have lost the capacity for critical perception of reality.

Another thing is that the majority of Russians do not credible activities of the opposition leaders, including also the bulk.Not least because the opposition has not yet made a clear and precise program of action limited to the endless repetition of slogans such as: "It's very bad, always a negative, to blame Putin."