essence referendum

Russian Federation - the state in which the power of the people is the main indicator of democracy.Therefore, the direct subject of all its activities is the people, who with the help of the controls laid down by law shall exercise power throughout the country.

referendum is one way to express their will of the citizens along with the elections and representation.He represents a vote on the most significant aspects of the state and municipal government.The most common questions are submitted to a referendum changing the status of the territ
ory or innovations in the legal regulation.

Its essence lies in the fact that citizens vote for any question submitted to referendum, personally and privately, that is,on the same principle as in the elections.Moreover, such a solution is imperative, provided the recognition of the referendum valid.That is a decision on the results of the voting will be taken if exceeded the minimum turnout threshold.The main difference from the election is a referendum vote in a referendum for a question, and not the person or party.And also during the referendum there is a ban on all sorts of propaganda and promotion.This is done to identify the most objective opinion.

referendum is the right of both citizens and some commitment to the country, which has a number of limitations.These include the acceptable age limit for participation in the voting (votes must be at least 18 years), the presence of nationality and identity document.

Types referendums

1. Depending on the subject matter are distinguished: Constitutional (considered constitutional change), legislative (questions of law), international law (issues relating to international relations) and the administrative and legal (related to administrative and legalstatus of the subject, the territorial distribution).

2. Depending on the time of: a proactive (when submitted to the referendum bill) and approving (when the consideration and approval of the delivery of final legislative act).

3. Depending on the degree of importance: mandatory (prescribed by law or international treaty is binding) and optional (not provided for by law and may be initiated by citizens and public authorities).

4. Depending on the level of government: The National (held at the federal level), regional (at the level of the subject), a local referendum (referendum municipality).

5. Depending on the initiator, initiated by the state and municipal authorities, the petition (on a petition signed by citizens).