In mid-June 2012, Argentines once again stated in the United Nations of their rights to the Falklands.State President Cristina Kirchner, speaking before the Committee on decolonization, said that she would not stop fighting for the islands.Britain, whose colony, they are also not going to give up.Filter at the British land certainly not allow.Who will eventually lead archipelago, shall determine the referendum to be held in 2013.

These islands have a rather complicated story.Previously unknown land assigned to those States that they have discovered.But here, the t
wo countries have different points of view.The British believe that the first English corsair archipelago discovered by John Davis in 1592.Argentines, in turn, believe that the Falklands were discovered in 1522 a party of Spanish world expedition Esteban Gomez.

Ownership of the islands at the time challenged Spain, France and the United Kingdom.In the early 19th century, Argentina became independent from Spain, and that's when the archipelago came under its ownership.But in 1832 he captured the British squadron.Since then, it has consistently ruled by the British.It settled a large number of Scottish and English settlers, and the Argentines were deported.Despite this, the island and to this day continues to be the subject of a territorial dispute between the two countries.Latin American countries do not get tired to insist on its sovereign rights over the Falklands on the grounds that they had previously belonged to Spain, and it is geographically belong to the territory of Argentina.

situation around these islands has escalated on the eve of the thirtieth anniversary of a brief but bloody Falklands War, during which the Argentines lost the battle for the ill-fated British archipelago.For the control of the two countries fought him for about three months.But this armed conflict does not put an end to the dispute.

Relations between London and Buenos Aires is too stretched.The fact that the British at the end of the year decided to strengthen its military presence on the islands.In response, Argentina and its allies Uruguay, and Brazil shut down ports for ships that sail under the flag of the Falkland Islands.In addition, Argentines threatened to deprive the archipelago air links with South America, closed its airspace.

should be noted that since the 80's, the Falklands are of no strategic value.At one time they were valuable for the British, since controlled approach to the Strait of Magellan, which is followed by all vessels around South America.However, after the opening of the Panama Canal Archipelago it became less necessary.Today Falklands acquire a new value: their offshore oil and gas deposits are found.This explains another round of tensions between London and Buenos Aires.