Write an application for an absentee ballot.It is necessary to specify the reason why you can not be present at your polling place on the day of voting.If the cause is detention, the application can fill the administration.In this case, the suspect or the accused puts his signature at the bottom and indicates the current date.
Grant application to the Election Commission, for which you are assigned geographically, or to the district commission on elections, which is located at your place of residence in the community.Keep in mind that you need to comply with deadlines apply for absentee ballot.They are set individually for each type of election.Along with the application you need to show your passport.
Get an absentee ballot.It will indicate your data, such as surname, first name, middle nam
e, as in the coupon bear the number of the polling station, stamp and signature of a member of the election commission.
Ask your family member to take you for an absentee ballot, if you are not in a position to do so.In this case, you need to create a power of attorney in the name of your relative, and reassure her notary.If you are being treated in a hospital or in custody as an accused or a suspect, your attorney can assure the administration of health care institutions and places of detention.Next, your relative should contact the precinct election commission with a passport and a power of attorney.So he will be able to receive an absentee ballot for you.
Note that the temporary registration does not give you the right to vote on the actual place of residence without undergoing the procedure for obtaining absentee ballot.An exception is made only for students who live in a dormitory for students.Otherwise, you have the right to vote only in the place of your permanent residence.