history of the last superpower

In the 19th century, the undisputed world leader was "mistress of the seas" Britain.But since the beginning of the 20th century, the role of first violin passed to the United States.After the Second World War, the world has become bipolar as a serious military and political counterweight to the United States was able to become the Soviet Union.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union overriding role of the state again took the time to the United States.But the sole leader States did not last long.By the beginning of the 21st century the European Union could become a full-fledged economic and political union, equivalent, and in many respects superior to the potential of the United States.

potential world leaders

But other leaders of the shadow in this period did not lose time.Over the past 20-3
0 years, Japan has strengthened its capacity, which has a third state budget in the world.Russia, to fight corruption and speed up the process of modernization of the military complex, claiming the next 50 years to return to a leading position in the world.Brazil and India with their enormous human resource, too, can in the near future to threaten the role of the world's superpowers.You should not ignore the Arab countries, which in recent years has not only enriched by the oil, but also cleverly invested money earned in the development of their countries.

Another potential leader, whom often neglect to mention is Turkey.This country has the experience of world domination, when the Ottoman Empire for several centuries the rules of almost half the world.Now the Turks wisely invest in new technologies and economic development of their country, and are actively developing the military-industrial complex.

next world leader

already late to deny the fact that the next leader of the world will be China.Over the past few decades, China's economy is the fastest growing.During the current financial global crisis, it is a rapidly growing and congested state showed the first signs of recovery in the economy.

Thirty years ago, a billion people in China living below the poverty line.And in 2020, experts predict that China's share of global GDP will be 23 percent, while the share of the United States will have only 18 per cent.

Over the past thirty years, the Celestial Empire has managed to increase its economic potential in fifteen times.And twenty-fold increase in its turnover.

pace of development in China are staggering.In recent years, the Chinese laid 60,000 kilometers of expressways, second only to the total length of the United States.There is no doubt that in a short time on this indicator China will overtake the US.The rate of development of the automotive industry is an unattainable value for all the world's states.If a few years ago on the Chinese car openly mocked because of their poor quality, in 2011 China became the world's largest producer and consumer of cars, overtaking on this indicator are the same United States.

Since 2012 Celestial Empire became the world's leading supplier of information technology products, leaving behind the US and the EU.

In the next few decades, it is not necessary to wait for the slowdown of economic, military and scientific potential of the Middle Kingdom.Therefore, it remains quite a bit of time before China becomes the most powerful state in the world.