Policy - is a special kind of social activity, which is aimed at regulating social life.It is distinguished from other areas of public life is that it is associated with the relationship about power.A power - it is always a social phenomenon, becauseit occurs in the community and involves a special form of relationship between the reigning and subordinates.
Society by nature asymmetrical and combines the diverse interests and leads to a clash of different social groups and fight each other.Today, the trend of political development is largely due to various forms of interaction between social groups (competition, cooperation or struggle).The policy is designed to prevent a "war of all against all" and provide a creative society.
purpose of political power as a core policy is the expressi
on of different interest groups, their integration and regulation.On the one hand, the policy provides the domination of one social group over another, on the other - they are united on the basis of public interest and a priority system.Therefore, the policy is often interpreted as the art of living together.The determining role of policies to ensure social stability is to develop suitable for all groups of the rules of conduct and of life.
policy is implemented at various levels - economic, institutional, legal and so on. Its feature is the inclusion property, iepenetration into all spheres of public life due to the possession of specific resources.On the other hand, any social interaction takes on a political character when it affects the organization and mobilization of the resources needed to achieve the objectives of a specific community.
Policy carries out a number of socially important functions.Among them - the management of public life and the definition of the strategic directions of economic and social development.With this function is closely related predictive, which involves analysis of prospects for the development of society and on the basis of the introduction of adjustments to the government.The ideological function aimed at creating public awareness and a certain political culture, the spread of values ​​and ideals.In turn, they must integrate and organize society to address important social issues.Ideology serves the purpose of legitimizing the actions of political actors.Finally, the policy performs the function of socialization, iethe inclusion of an individual in public life.